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Dorasan: The Train Station without Trains, and a Peek into North Korea

After visiting the Joint Security Area, the tour went to Dorasan Station and Dorasan Observatory, where we could look into North Korea. Dorasan Station is the northernmost train station within South Korea on the train line which connects Seoul to … Continue reading

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Trains and Intercity Transit in South Korea, Part 2

The one heavily used interregional passenger rail line in South Korea is the line running from Seoul to Busan. Not only does it go from Seoul/Incheon to Busan, it also stops in Daejeon and Daegu, which means a single train … Continue reading

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Trains and Intercity Transit in South Korea, Part 1

I like train travel. When I was living in Taiwan, trains were my primary means of travel between cities, mainly because I lived near a station where all TRA trains, including express trains, stopped, but I wasn’t near any bus … Continue reading

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