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Suncheon Bay

There are five great areas of tidal flats (a.k.a mudflats) in the world, and one of them is the southwest coast of South Korea. I visited Suncheon Bay, which is the largest tidal flat in South Korea, and the 5th … Continue reading

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Nagan Castle Folk Village, Part 2: An Open-Air Museum of Joseon-era Life

In the previous part, I introduced a well-preserved castle village from the Joseon dynasty in the western part of Suncheon. In this part, I will focus on the village’s history and museum-like exhibits. Some of the preserved historic buildings, such … Continue reading

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Nagan Castle Folk Village, Part 1: The Village which Charmed Me

Nagan Folk Village is the only remaining Joseon-era fortress town in Jeollanam. It is a World Heritage Candidate. I also think it’s one of the most satisfying tourist attractions in the southern part of South Korea. Nagan Folk Village is … Continue reading

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My Life in Gwangju

Visiting the kimchi festival inspired me to make kimchi, for the first time in over three years. After all, who says you can’t make kimchi on the go? In Gwangju, I was staying at the Namdo Hostel, an as soon … Continue reading

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Festivities, Museums, and Art in Gwangju

One of the top tourist draws in Gwangju is the museum complex which includes the Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju Art Museum, Gwangju Folk Museum, and hosts the Gwangju World Kimchi Cultural Festival and Gwangju Biennale. As it so happens, when … Continue reading

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The May 18th National Cemetery in Gwangju

Years and years ago, I read a book which mentioned the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights. That was both the first time I heard (or rather, read about) the city of Gwanju, and about the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Ever since … Continue reading

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