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Theatrical Performance in Seoul: Miso ‘Baebijang-jeon’

I am a lover of the theatre, and attended the Andong Mask Dance Festival, including the Hahoe Masked Drama, and saw Pansori in Jeonju, so naturally I wanted to see some theatre shows in Seoul too. The first show I … Continue reading

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Hallasan Part 2: Descent via the Gwaneum-sa Trail

I had been a bit disappointed with the scenery on the Seongpanak Trail, but I remembered that the Gwaneum-sa Trail is the most beautiful. Indeed, the Gwaneum-sa trail did not disappoint. I chose to go up by Seongpanak because a) … Continue reading

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Hallasan Part 1: Ascent via the Seongpanak Trail

In this blog, I’ve gone in a clockwise circle around Jeju Island, starting at Seongsan Ilchulbong in the east, and I’ve made many references to Hallasan, the shield volcano which created Jeju Island. It is a World Heritage Site. Hallasan, … Continue reading

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Manjanggul, the Lava Tube Cave, and Gimyeong Maze Park

While a typhoon crossed Jeju, I was looking for a good place to go in the rain, and that place was Manjanggul, which is part of Geomunoreum system, which UNESCO says is “the finest lava tube system of caves anywhere” … Continue reading

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Jeju Stone Park

Jeju Island is literally made out of volcanic rock, and volcanic rock has played a large role in Jeju life in culture. To learn all about it, the best place to go is Jeju Stone Park. After going through the … Continue reading

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April 3rd Peace Park in Jeju

I felt it was my duty to pay a visit to the April 3 Peace Park. I feel that, since I was having fun at many of Jeju’s attractions, I should also learn about Jeju’s painful past. The April 3 … Continue reading

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A Documentary about Jeju Shamanism at the Jeju Women’s Film Festival

I happened to be in Jeju City during ‘And she still sings!’ the 15th Jeju Women’s Film Festival. I got a one day pass, and saw quite a few films. The one film I saw which was specific to Jeju … Continue reading

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