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SK in SK: A History of South Korea

I had read Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea before I ever went to East Asia, but my travels around South Korea definitely deepened and solidified my knowledge and understanding of Korean history. These are the S.K. in S.K. posts … Continue reading

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Trains and Intercity Transit in South Korea, Part 1

I like train travel. When I was living in Taiwan, trains were my primary means of travel between cities, mainly because I lived near a station where all TRA trains, including express trains, stopped, but I wasn’t near any bus … Continue reading

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Goseong, Sokcho, and Gangwon Province’s North Korea Connection

After writing about Chungcheong-buk Province, I will now proceed to write about Gangwon Province. Korean provinces are generally named after prominent cities, and in Joseon times, the two largest cities in Gangwon Province were Gangneung and Wonju. Gangwon is the … Continue reading

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Why Travel in South Korea? Why Create This Blog?

When I told people – even Koreans – that I was planning to travel in South Korea for a couple months, the question I almost always heard was ‘Why’? And ‘what is there to do?’ And now that I have … Continue reading

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