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Downtown Incheon

Incheon is the 3rd largest city in South Korea by population, and part of the Seoul Metropolitan Area. Since it’s only a little more than an hour away from Seoul by commuter train Incheon Port may not be quite as … Continue reading

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So-Muuido, My Last Full Day in South Korea

I decided to spent my very last full day in South Korea (i.e. the day before my departure) visiting the island Muuido and, in particular, its companion, the tiny little So-Muuido. Muuido / So-Muuido are two of the many West … Continue reading

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Bomun-sa, Seongmodo’s Temple of Having Sons

Just to the west of Ganghwa Island is another, smaller island, Seongmodo. Ganghwa is connected to the mainland by bridge, but Seongmodo is not connected to anywhere by bridge. Therefore, one goes to Seongmodo by taking a ferry from Ganghwa. … Continue reading

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Guardian of the Han River: Ganghwa Island

Ganghwa-do (Ganghwa Island) is the 5th largest island in all of South Korea. It is situated just at the mouth of the Han river, the river which flows through Seoul, and thus had been a strategic location for thousands of … Continue reading

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