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A Final Afternoon in South Korea: Bukaksan, the Northern Guardian of Seoul

From Inwangsan, I walked along the remains/reconstruction of the old Seoul City Wall to Bukaksan, the mountain to the north of Seoul which offered the city some of its good feng shui. I actually had arranged to have lunch with … Continue reading

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A Final Morning in South Korea: Inwangsan

From Seodaemun Prison, I walked up to Inwangsan, one of the set of mountains which guards the old city of Seoul, and still contains remains of the old city wall. I didn’t have time to go to the peak (I … Continue reading

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Seoul’s Namsan and N Seoul Tower

One of the most famous landmarks in Seoul is N Seoul Tower, which sits on top of Namsan (not to be confused with Namsan in Gyeongju). Namsan meants ‘south mountain’, and it was once on the southern edge of the … Continue reading

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Bukhansan, the Roof of Seoul

Of course, I had to visit Bukhansan National Park, which straddles Seoul City and Goyang City in Gyeoggi Province. It is the iconic set of mountains just north of Seoul city center. In Joseon times, Seoul was considered an auspicious … Continue reading

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So-Muuido, My Last Full Day in South Korea

I decided to spent my very last full day in South Korea (i.e. the day before my departure) visiting the island Muuido and, in particular, its companion, the tiny little So-Muuido. Muuido / So-Muuido are two of the many West … Continue reading

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Bomun-sa, Seongmodo’s Temple of Having Sons

Just to the west of Ganghwa Island is another, smaller island, Seongmodo. Ganghwa is connected to the mainland by bridge, but Seongmodo is not connected to anywhere by bridge. Therefore, one goes to Seongmodo by taking a ferry from Ganghwa. … Continue reading

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Hwaseong Fortress: Completing the Circuit

Are you surprised by how much there is to see in Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon City? I know I am. And since I wanted to complete the circuit of the walls, I went up Paldalsan once again. In this post, … Continue reading

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