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A Final Afternoon in South Korea: The Meeting, the Guesthouse, the Airport

I stayed at three different guesthouses in Seoul (including Doo Guesthouse), but I spent most of my nights at My Home, which offers (tiny, windowless, and tiny) single rooms, plus unlimited free cooked rice and kimchi, for only 15,000 won … Continue reading

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A Final Morning in South Korea: Seodaemun Prison

On my last morning in South Korea, I visited this set of brick buildings. The appearance of these buildings are very charming – they certainly look nicer than 99% of the buildings in Seoul – and there were a number … Continue reading

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Photos of a Mystery Place in Seoul

There is one place where I took more photos than any other single place in Seoul. Before I officially introduce and describe this place, I am going to publish this gallery of photos, to let the visually oriented imagine what … Continue reading

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Dragon Hill Spa, Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1. I didn’t take any photos at Dragon Hill Spa, but there are plenty on the internet. I am impressed by the set of photos at this website – they are recognizably photos of … Continue reading

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Dragon Hill Spa, Part 1

Lots of sources say that Dragon Hill Spa is the best jjimjilbang (sauna + hot spring + entertainment) in Seoul is Dragon Hill Spa. After all of the running around I was doing, I really liked the idea of spending … Continue reading

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After visiting the Joseon royal tombs, I went to the old temple Bongeun-sa, which, like the royal tombs, in incongruous with its surroundings in the Gangnam District. I think it says something about what I’m interested in that the only … Continue reading

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Walking Along the Han River

The Han River is the broad, broad river which flows through Seoul. Seoul originally became a prosperous city because boats could go on the river to the Yellow Sea all the way to China (this is currently not happening because … Continue reading

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