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Walking Along the Han River

The Han River is the broad, broad river which flows through Seoul. Seoul originally became a prosperous city because boats could go on the river to the Yellow Sea all the way to China (this is currently not happening because … Continue reading

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So-Muuido, My Last Full Day in South Korea

I decided to spent my very last full day in South Korea (i.e. the day before my departure) visiting the island Muuido and, in particular, its companion, the tiny little So-Muuido. Muuido / So-Muuido are two of the many West … Continue reading

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Bomun-sa, Seongmodo’s Temple of Having Sons

Just to the west of Ganghwa Island is another, smaller island, Seongmodo. Ganghwa is connected to the mainland by bridge, but Seongmodo is not connected to anywhere by bridge. Therefore, one goes to Seongmodo by taking a ferry from Ganghwa. … Continue reading

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Udo Island: The Mini-Jeju

Udo is the largest island off the coast of Jeju. It’s a very popular trip for the zillion tourists who come to Jeju island. This means Udo has a remarkably frequent and regular ferry service for an island which only … Continue reading

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From Shimonoseki to Busan

I departed Shimonoseki, Japan aboard the Hamayuu, a ship operated by Kampu Ferry. The ‘kan’ in ‘Kampu’ is an alternative name for ‘Shimonoseki’, and ‘pu’ is an abbreviation for ‘Busan’. In some ways, using an international ferry is simpler and … Continue reading

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Beauty and Tradition: Hahoe Folk Village

South Korean has some old villages which have preserved their pre-industrial architecture, and the most famous is Hahoe Village, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s about an hour away from downtown Andong by bus, and is part of Andong “City” … Continue reading

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Chungju Lake

At first, I was considering skipping a boat ride through Chungju Lake. Among all of the things which South Korea has to offer, would taking a boat through a lake really offer much? Riding the bus from Chungju City to … Continue reading

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