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Sara K. is an aromantic asexual from California who has previously lived in Taiwan. She blogs at the notes which do not fit, has previously been a contributor at Manga Bookshelf, and has written guest posts for Hacking Chinese. She enjoys reading, travel, live theatre, learning languages, and gardening.

Epilogue: My Favorites in South Korea

In this type of travel blog, it is a tradition to make lists of favorite places/things/activities, and I think that a favorites list is the perfect way to wrap up this blog. My favorite post in this blog is The … Continue reading

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SK in SK: Discovery vs. Construction

What is South Korea? Is it simply the land and the waters within its borders? Is it the South Korean people? In this list, I try to sort out which parts of ‘South Korea’ were discovered by the Koreans, and … Continue reading

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SK in SK: The Landscape of Feelings

This list is organized by my subjective feelings about various places in South Korea. THE EXCITEMENT OF EXPLORING NEW PLACES From Shimonoseki to Busan Beomeosa: My First Buddhist Temple in South Korea Genius Loci: Japanese Architect Meets Jeju Island Namsan: … Continue reading

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SK in SK: South Korea & Other Countries

South Korea has always been closely linked to its neighbors: China, Japan, Mongolia & other northern nomadic nations, and since the 20th century division of the Korean peninsula, South Korea has always been linked to North Korea. As South Korea … Continue reading

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SK in SK: Climates of South Korea

This is yet another way to organize different posts in this blog – by different climate regions. One of the most basic facts of Korea’s climate is that it receives the Siberian wind, which makes winter much colder on the … Continue reading

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SK in SK: A History of South Korea

I had read Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea before I ever went to East Asia, but my travels around South Korea definitely deepened and solidified my knowledge and understanding of Korean history. These are the S.K. in S.K. posts … Continue reading

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SK in SK: Chronological Order

I did not publish posts in the same order that I visited the places I described. Here is a list of different places in South Korea, in the order that I visited them. Busan From Shimonoseki to Busan Spaland in … Continue reading

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