Changdeokgung, the Last Palace I Visited in South Korea, Part 3: Indoor Spaces


This post is dedicated to all of the photos I took of indoor spaces in Changdeokgung palace, which is a World Heritage Site.


The two photos above show the main throne hall of Changdeokgung.


You can see the many double phoenixes, which symbolize the Joseon royal family, carved into the ceiling.


There is one building in the palace, Huijeongdang, which retains its traditionally Korean exterior, but was renovated towards the end of Joseon rule on the inside to accommodate various ‘Western’ amenities and styles.


Like Deoksugung, this particular building is noted for its mixed of Korean and European aesthetics.


Of course, some of the interior spaces were focused on practical purpose, such as the kitchen in the photo below:


And even more ‘practical’ space is the heating chamber below…


In the next post, I will present the Nakseonjae complex, a little set of buildings in the corner of the palace built in Qing-dynasty-China style.



About Sara K.

Sara K. is an aromantic asexual from California who has previously lived in Taiwan. She blogs at the notes which do not fit, has previously been a contributor at Manga Bookshelf, and has written guest posts for Hacking Chinese. She enjoys reading, travel, live theatre, learning languages, and gardening.
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