Hwaseong Fortress: Archery and Beacons


I continued my stroll around the mighty Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, which is a World Heritage Site.

Gyeoggi Province is in northwestern South Korea, and Suwon is in the southern part of the province.

In this post, I will describe my visit to Dongbuk-gongsimdon, its archery center, and the eastern wall, as shown in the map below.


I continued from the pavilion and pond described in the previous post clockwise around the fortress.


I think it’s pretty with the wall, the blue sky above, the trees in fall colors, and the yellow grass.


I thought the eastern command post was particularly lovely, particularly with the distinctly Korean trees looming overhead.

The eastern command post

The eastern command post

I then reached the northeast observation tower, Dongbuk Gongsimdon, which has an archery center.


I stopped to receive a brief archery lesson. We were then given eight arrows to shoot at distant targets. My aim was poor. No doubt with experience my aim would have improved.


Dongbuk Gongsimdon is an admirable structure in its own right.


And then I reached the East Gate.


After having seen the North Gate, I can’t say the East Gate impressed me much.


By this time, I had seen enough gates, sentry posts, pavilions, and turrets that I no longer felt any need to spend much time observing them, especially since the eastern section of the wall does not have any particularly outstanding examples. Thus, I moved through this section of the wall quite quickly, surprising even myself with my speed.


The main unique feature of the eastern wall are the beacon towers, shown above, which sent out smoke signals for long-distance communication.


I reached the south side of the wall, and the southern floodgate, where the Suwon stream exits the fortress.

In the next post, I will conclude my visit to Hwaseong Fortress with my last little hike up Paldalsan.



About Sara K.

Sara K. is an aromantic asexual from California who has previously lived in Taiwan. She blogs at the notes which do not fit, has previously been a contributor at Manga Bookshelf, and has written guest posts for Hacking Chinese. She enjoys reading, travel, live theatre, learning languages, and gardening.
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