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Namsangol: A Preserved Slice of Seoul’s Joseon Heritage

At the northern foot of Namsan is a set of beautifully preserved yangban (elite) Joseon homes. These homes weren’t originally together, but in order to preserve them, they were all moved here, Namsangol. As I’ve said before, I like Joseon … Continue reading

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Insadong: The Artsy Alleys and the Delicious Buffet

Between Bukchon to the north, Samil Road to the east, Jong Road to the south, and Jogyesa to the west, is a network of little alleys and primarily pedestrian streets known as Insadong. I remember talking in a restaurant in … Continue reading

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Jogyesa: A Buddhist Temple in the Heart of Seoul

Jogyesa is a Buddhist Temple right next to Insadong, between Jongmyo and Gyeongbokgung, in other words, it’s exactly where the tourists are. I’ve said before a few times that Buddhism was banned in Seoul during the Joseon dynasty. So how … Continue reading

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Walking Around Gyeogbokgung

On a fine day in Seoul, I found myself walking around Gyeongbokgung. I didn’t walk into Gyeongbokgung like I did on my first day in Seoul, but rather walked in the admission-free areas around it which I hadn’t completely explored … Continue reading

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Theatrical Performance in Seoul: Miso ‘Baebijang-jeon’

I am a lover of the theatre, and attended the Andong Mask Dance Festival, including the Hahoe Masked Drama, and saw Pansori in Jeonju, so naturally I wanted to see some theatre shows in Seoul too. The first show I … Continue reading

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The Seoul Lantern Festival at Cheongyecheon

I just happened to encounter the Seoul Lantern Festival at Cheongyecheon stream. Cheongyecheon has an interesting history. The short version is that it was once a natural stream flowing through Seoul which was a tributary of the great Han river. … Continue reading

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Seoul Museum of History

I expected the Seoul Museum of History to be small and not say much more than I had already learned by visiting many other museums in South Korea. Instead, I got a museum jam-packed with historical information, much of it … Continue reading

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