Nagan Castle Folk Village, Part 2: An Open-Air Museum of Joseon-era Life


In the previous part, I introduced a well-preserved castle village from the Joseon dynasty in the western part of Suncheon. In this part, I will focus on the village’s history and museum-like exhibits.

The map shows that Jeollanam province is in southwestern South Korea, and that Suncheon is in the eastern side of the province.

Some of the preserved historic buildings, such as the Joseon government offices, feature mannequins, depicting life during the Joseon dynasty.


The outdoor displays focus on the Joseon-era legal system.

A Joseon-era judge

A Joseon-era judge

And here is a persimmon tree just outside the Joseon-era jail.


Shall we enter the jail?


In the jail yard, we see local officials administering corporeal punishment on a prisoner.


During the Joseon dynasty, the southern coast of Korea was often attacked by Japanese pirates. Nagan castle was built to defend the countryside. It was one of 96 castle towns throughout the Joseon kingdom during the reign of King Sejong.


Most of these castle towns were dismantled by the Japanese when they ruled Korea, but for some reason, Nagan Castle Folk Village remained intact.


Within the castle village is a little museum, portraying rituals and rites from the Joseon era.


Infant mortality was high in the Joseon kingdom, so when a baby lived to be 100 days old there would be a big feast and celebration, as shown below.


There were also many rites to honor the elderly and one’s ancestors.


Throughout the village, you can find the old infrastructure, such as the basin for washing clothes below.


As I said before, I think that, with regards to foreign travellers at least, Nagan Castle Folk Village is an underrated attraction, featuring beautiful scenery, history, and traditional culture. People who find themselves in Jeollanam should definitely pay a visit.



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