Ahop-gut Maeul Experience Yard and Olle Route #13


After visiting the <a href="“>Jeju Museum of War History Peace, I tried to walk to Nakcheon Village.

The map shows an area on the western end of Jeju Island

Nakcheon Village is near Cheongsu Village (where the museum is), but no, I had to make a wrong turn. When I ended up near Jeju Glass Castle, I considered changing my plans, but decided that I wasn’t interested enough. I ended walking all of the way to the entrance of the Spirited Garden.


Just as I was trying to figure out whether or not to pay the 9,000 won entrance fee, a local shop owner who I had asked for directions had found a taxi for me, and I decided to put my won towards a ride towards the place I had originally planned to see, the Ahop-gut Maeul Experience Yard.

The great chair at the entrance.

The great chair at the entrance.

When I first read the description of Ahop-gut, I thought ‘an art installation featuring chairs? How could that be interesting?’


Well, it is interesting. And after all of that running around, I enjoyed spending my time sitting in these chairs.


The chairs come in all kinds of interesting shapes.


Once I was done sitting around, there was the question: how would I get back to Jeju City?


Well, I could walk to the center of Nakcheon Village, and wait for the infrequent inter-village bus, return to the main coastal road, and then take a bus back to Jeju City from there.


But the Ahop-gut Maeul Experience Yard also happens to be in the center of Jeju Olle Route #13.

The entrance to the Olle Route.

The entrance to the Olle Route.

The trail just looked so inviting to me, I figured, I should walk down at least a little of it.


And as I got further along the trail, it made less and less sense to backtrack.


So I decided I would walk on the Olle route all the way back to the main coastal road and take the bus directly back to Jeju City.


There was this one little problem: instead of walking towards the coast, I was walking away from it.


It took me a while to notice that 1) I was going uphill and 2) I was not getting any closer to the coast.


Futhermore, after all of my (mis)adventures, the day was not young.


I ended go up to the top of Jeoji Oreum, one of the many parasitic volcano cones on Jeju Island. I would have probably enjoyed it more if I weren’t becoming seriously concerned about getting back to Jeju City. However, I wasn’t the last hiker to go up Jeoji Oreum that day – someone else went up after me.


I didn’t even take any pictures up at Jeoji Oreum because because I was concerned about reaching the end of the route before dark.

A view from the Olle route

A view from the Olle route

However, soon after coming down from Jeoji Oreum, I reached the endpoint in Jeoji Village, where there was a bus which took me back to Gosan Village, and in Gosan Village I got on a bus back to Jeju City. It took a long time, and I didn’t get back to Jeju City before 8pm, but looking back on it I’m glad I had this little misadventure and got to learn something about one of Jeju’s less visited corners.


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