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Jeju Museum of War History Peace at Gama Oreum

I decided to spend a day exploring western Jeju Island. Though it wasn’t raining as hard as it had during the height of the typhoon, it wasn’t a great weather day either. I started in Gosan village, which is the … Continue reading

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Sanbangsan, the Cliff Sitting on Jeju’s Coast

The dramatic landmark jutting out on the southwestern tip of Jeju Island is Sanbangsan. I started at Hwasun Beach, and walked along Jeju Olle Route #10. It turns out that the southern coast of Jeju Island does have a little … Continue reading

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Gamsan Village and the Museum of Sex & Health

THE RAVINE In Gamsan Village, west of Jungmun, is a little ravine with little caves. Archeological evidence indicates that these caves were the homes of Jeju islands earliest human inhabitants. These caves offered shelter, were right next to the freshwater … Continue reading

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The Coast of Jungmun – Jusangjeollidea

I visited Jusangjeollidea, the famous formation of rocks along the coast of Jungmun. I’ve seen these type of hexagonal basalt columns before – in the Penghu Archipelago in Taiwan, in the Sai Kung peninsula in Hong Kong – but I … Continue reading

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Yeomiji Botanical Garden in Jungmun

The Jungmun Resort is full of touristy attractions, such as the Teddy Bear Museum, the Museum of Africa, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, among others. I had less than two weeks to stay on Jeju Island, I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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The Coast of Seogwipo

I started in downtown Seogwipo (you can see a nice sunset at the seashore just next to downtown Seogwipo, trying to find Olle Route 6. Of course, I wasn’t trying to do the full Olle 6 route, I was actually … Continue reading

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The Famous Waterfalls of Seogwipo & Jungmun

The waterfalls along the southern coast – in Seogwipo and Jungmun – are one of the most famous scenic sights on Jeju Island. Seogwipo is the ‘second city’ on Jeju island (the main city is Jeju City in the north). … Continue reading

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