Seoraksan National Park: Valley of the Waterfalls

We are at the side of the waterfall, looking from above, barely seeing the white water's profile.  The waterfall flows from upper right to lower left into a pool of blue-green water with just a big of reflection of the sunlit granite cliffs.  The rocky chamber of the waterfall itself is in shadow.

I continued my descent from Daecheongbong in Seoraksan via the “Waterfall Valley” route.

The map shows that Gangwon Province is in northeastern South Korea, and that Seoraksan is in the northeastern part of Gangwon Province

There are multiple trails running to and from Daecheongbong, but the two which are considered the most scenic are the “Dinosaur Ridge” route and the “Waterfall Valley” route.


To hike the “Dinosaur Ridge”, you have to either start hiking at 3am (which requires private transport or staying overnight in a village in Southern Seorak) or stay overnight in a shelter. Neither was an option for me, so “Waterfall Valley” was the way to go.


If you are interested in seeing photos of the Dinosaur Ridge route, you may check out these blogs:

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Koreabridge: “Dinosaur Ridge at Seoraksan National Park


As I was descending Daecheongbong, I was afraid that I was going to have to hike up the mountain looming ahead in front once I noticed a trail going over it – after getting up to Daecheongbong, I did not want any more uphill – but it turns out that is a secondary trail, and that the main trail goes into the gorge on the right, where all of these photos were taken.


I was expecting the views from the peak itself to be the highlight of the hike. Instead, it was this granite gorge full of waterslides, pools, and waterfalls which was the showstopper.


The gorge is full of fantastic interaction between the sunlit side of the rocks and the shadowy side of the rock.


And of course, the water cut all kinds of shapes into the rock.


Enjoy the photos!







Yangpok Mountain Shelter

Yangpok Mountain Shelter















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