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Chungju Lake

At first, I was considering skipping a boat ride through Chungju Lake. Among all of the things which South Korea has to offer, would taking a boat through a lake really offer much? Riding the bus from Chungju City to … Continue reading

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The Caves of Sobaeksan

Sobaeksan has two limestone caves open to the public, Gosu cave and Cheongdong cave. These are intimate little limestone caves – though long, they go through many narrow passages, and you *will* rub against the stone – particularly Cheongdong cave. … Continue reading

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Sobaeksan: The Peak

I hiked up to the top of Sobaeksan, the highest mountain in Chungcheong-buk province – technically, it’s on the border between Chungcheong-buk and Gyeongsang-buk province. Naturally, it’s in Sobaeksan National Park. It’s the 25th highest mountain in all of South … Continue reading

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Guinsa, the Sanctuary in Sobaeksan

The generosity of others encourages me to practice geneorsity myself. At Guinsa Temple, I made a paper lotus flower and paper lantern. Of course, since I had never made a Korean style paper lantern before, I unwittingly made one that … Continue reading

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Why Travel in South Korea? Why Create This Blog?

When I told people – even Koreans – that I was planning to travel in South Korea for a couple months, the question I almost always heard was ‘Why’? And ‘what is there to do?’ And now that I have … Continue reading

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